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The main scientific objectives of the EphpLab are:

a) to compare and integrate the methods, contents and theoretical paradigms of the EPhP with those of contemporary cognitive sciences;

b) to develop new streams of research on specific topics. Over the last twenty years, the group has developed an original line of studies on the direct perception of opposition in bidimensional configurations, mirror reflections, motor tasks and visual and acoustic symmetry and has explored the implications of this in two areas. First, in relation to Cognitive Linguistics, and in particular grounding the structure of antonyms on the perception of the two opposite properties and their intermediates (and also grounding the understanding of negation and the phenomenal structure of the incongruities underlying jokes and cartoons on this). Second, in relation to the Psychology of Reasoning, in particular exploring the impact of thinking in opposites in insight problem solving strategies;

c) to promote and encourage international joint projects, meetings and conferences regarding the topics that the group is researching and

d) to disseminate knowledge relating to the outcomes and potentialities of the EPhP “outside” the walls of Accademia, e.g. with exhibitions on Manfredo Massironi’s artworks (Macerata, 2007; Verona, 2011), concerts with Paolo Bozzi’s musical compositions (Macerata, 2007) and applicative projects with companies to support new ways of understanding how consumers perceive, describe and think about specific products (see Cognitive Metrix, that is an important applicative development in the research activities being carried out by the group).