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The aim of this website is to present the research activities which have been and are being carried out by the members of the EPhPLab research group. The theoretical framework of all the projects concerns the Experimental Phenomenology of Perception (EPhP). The group, which started life in 2000, revolves around three “Maestri” of the subject, Ugo Savardi and Manfredo Massironi, who became professors of General Psychology at the University of Verona in 1992 and 1986 respectively and Paolo Bozzi, who after retiring from the University of Trieste in 1999, assiduously contributed to the group, regularly taking part in research meetings. Ivana Bianchi (who moved to the University of Macerata in 2004 when she became an associate professor) has been an active member of the group since its very beginning, and Roberto Burro (who is now an associate professor at the University of Verona) joined in 2004. They are currently the two principal investigators in charge of coordinating and promoting the projects developed by the group – projects which have their roots in the work of the three maestri, and are inspired by them. Over the years, various PhD students and post-doctoral students have worked on a variety of different research projects. There have been outstanding contributions from colleagues who are prominent in their own research areas. They were all interested in pursuing new lines of research and investigation merging the various different methods and perspectives which are typical of their specific research areas with the theoretical premises and methods relating to Experimental Phenomenology.

Experimental Phenomenology is not simply something of historical value. We believe it also represents an exciting, promising way of approaching research into the Psychology of Perception and Cognition, and feel that it is something which is extremely valuable both now and for the future.

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